Pre K-12 Software

CommunityPass for Pre K-12 Public, Private & Charter Schools

CommunityPass for schools takes over where your Student Information System ends. You’ve already invested in a SIS. Why not find new uses for it? Use CommunityPass for your school’s fee-based registrations and payments such as activity and club fees, kindergarten extension, summer school, laptop rental fees, before and after care tuition payments and more.

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Online Registration and Payment Collection

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Student Information System Integration

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Before & After Care Program Management

School Administrators

Lower Operational Costs
  • Eliminate time consuming tasks of processing registration forms and tracking payments
  • Decrease printing and postage costs
  • Operate secure and scalable e-commerce without increasing hardware or IT support costs
Leverage Existing SIS Systems
  • Integrate your SIS directly into CommunityPass to further streamline operations
  • Automate student uploads
  • Annually update your new student database.

Repurpose your investment in your existing SIS.

empty chairs in classroom depicting online registration with school software
Two boys doing work on a computer at their after school program that utilizes Communitypass before and after school software

IT Administrators

Send us your students…

New kindergartners, graduating seniors, end-of-year step up…student data is constantly changing. CommunityPass security ensures that parents see their child’s data in CommunityPass as it exists in your Student Information System.

…We’ll send you back a whole family

The primary family contact, address and phone for sibling students, verified regularly by the parents themselves. Updated email and cell numbers for mass communication or individual texting…and a whole new way of looking at Family.


School-Based Organizers

Strengthen Your Community

We recognize that every school or district has a network of support organizations that operate independently, but may provide alternate sources of funding or may depend on information provided by the SIS.

  • Community Schools
  • Before & After Care Programs
  • Parent Teacher Organizations
  • Education Foundations
  • Booster Clubs

Serve your entire school-based community.

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