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CommunityPass – Software That Makes Your Life Easy

CommunityPass is a cloud-based suite of software products that allows people to sign up and pay online for sports, classes, camps, child care, school activity fees, memberships, merchandise, tickets and much more. It gives administrators a comprehensive tool to manage program set up, online registration, marketing, communication and reporting.

CommunityPass Features

Three Reasons to Use CommunityPass

Reason #1

It's Easier For you

Because CommunityPass is cloud based, you can access it from any computer with Internet access. There’s no software to install, no hardware to buy or maintain and no upgrades to pay for. CommunityPass keeps all of your registration, program and facility information secure, organized and all in one place.

Reason #2

It's Easier for the Families You Serve

Now, folks can register and pay online for programs, fundraisers, classes, sports, tickets, child care or anything else your organization has to offer. CommunityPass makes the registration and payment processing simple so people can do it themselves and at their own convenience.

Reason #3

It's Secure

CommunityPass provides a rich set of safeguards and features to ensure that outsiders cannot access your data and that staff can only see what they need to do their jobs. We adhere to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard to ensure the security of your confidential data.

Online Registration Software that is Simple and Affordable

Learn how CommunityPass can benefit you organization and the families you serve.

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